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nautica thorn bio
Nationality: Half Japanese, a quarter Puerto Rican, and a quarter Hawaiian

Siblings: Nope. Only child

Favorite food: sushi, steak, pasta, spam musubi, and ketchup

Favorite color: pink

Favorite music: rap, R&B, and rock

Favorite artist: My own personal band :P

Favorite actor: All of them

Favorite actress: all of them

My first job: I was a lei greeter at the airport and a fuckin' good one at that

How was my first time: Well, I initiated it of course. It was at my parent’s house in the living room. It was alright, but now looking back, I've had better.

What was one of your wildest sex session: That would have to be I was seeing this guy at the time and he was flying in to see me. We were walking back to the car and I had locked the keys in the car. I had called someone to unlock the door, but they said that it would be about an hour. Well I was horny and wasn't about to wait no hour to fuck the shit out of this guy, so I pulled down his pants, started to suck his dick, and did it doggy style until he came inside of me. Not even five minutes later the guy came and unlocked the door. I was just surprised that no one caught us.

Other wild places you've had sex: I've had sex on a city bus while in transit, I've had sex on the beach, in the cemetery, while a guy was driving 80 on the highway (now that everyone has to try), sex in a public bathroom, and sex at the bar (and I mean at the bar ordering drinks). Wondering how I pulled that one off. Well I had a skirt on, the key to doing this, and the guy came up behind me and stuck his big dick in me. He even put his phone on vibrate and had me call his phone. While we were doing that, I had ordered myself and him a drink from the bar. People on the side of us at the bar were just shocked and trying to figure out if we were having sex or just dirty dancing.

Set the record straight, doe’s size matter: size does not matter. I've had guys that are not porno size and it was amazing. Some girls could be different, but size to me doesn't matter. All I really care about is if you can eat me out. I love my pussy licked. You could make me fall in love with you if you do it right.

How did you get into porn: I was a stripper at a club and an agent came up to me and asked me if I wanted to do some nude modeling. I said yes and took his card. I did a shoot and then progressed from there.

What's my fantasy: I keep my lesbian side to my job. Meaning, I love women. But I didn't want to get bored of porn so I left my fantasy of being with women to on screen. And it makes work just that much more fun.

My favorite position: My fav would have to be doggy. But don't end without going on top. I love to feel a man's body on top of me.

Am I the same off camera as I am on camera: Good question. Kinda. I mean it depends on the mood. If it's a romantic moment then I can be a very sensual, but if it's just one of those fuck sessions, you better fuck me up. I love my hair pulled, my ass slapped, and choked. I can be a dirty bitch in bed.

And on that note, that ends my profile. If you have a question you would like to add, email it to me and I will add it on here.

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