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A sexual trivia question for all of you
Posted February 23, 2006

I have been debating starting a new video line. Oddly, i am not sure if it will sell as I do not know how many people know and understand the sexual premise of this video.

If I asked to be "double dipped", what would I be asking for? What does "double dipping" mean to you? Please email me at pinkkittynautica@aol.com if you want to offer up an answer. This is really important to me so please reply wether you know what it means or not.


Thanks for all the input
Posted February 22, 2006

I receieved a veritable crush of emails concerning the advice I sought about Pepper and not being able to sleep. I have to admit that it was quite calming to know so many people cre enough to take the time to write me on such personal issues. If I did not write you back, please understand that I did read your email. It became impossible to reply to each of 600 emails.

Today was a much better day. I got fucked really good for a video scene and drank another guy's cum without the cam even running. It was sort of an accident but it was fun. He came enough to fill a shot glass and I swallowed every drop. Tomorrow I am filming a cum swapping scene. I love those. It is a wild turn on to make out with another girl while sharing the warm semen of a well hung guy.


PS. By the way, No, I am not a lesbian. Far from it. I love and date men as well as women. I have simply had two girlfriends in a row. Before that it was 5 boyfriends in a row. Who I date and love sort of changes with the wind.

It has been a long weekend of reflection
Posted February 19, 2006

I am not sure but this weekend has been time of refelction for me. I have not been able to sleep when I suposed to sleep and I have not been able to be awake when I suposed to be awake. The symptoms, according to a few web sites, indicate deperession. I guess that is possible. Money is good, Pepper and I are getting along great, working with Pink Kitty Video is awesome. So, I am not entirely sure what I would be depressed about. Maybe it is just that I am spending this weekand alone? I hope getting back to work tomorrow helps pep me back up. I miss Pepper, but don't want to keep calling her as I do not want to look all desperate. Love is funny. I can cheer you up and depress you at the same time. Maybe I should try fucking myself until I cum a few times. That might cheer me up.


I am awake and I have no idea why
Posted February 18, 2006

It is like 4 am and I cannot sleep. I really wish I could as I have a rather long day of shooting tomorrow. I am feeling a slight flu coming on and I am in a bit of turmoil about my personal life. I guess my mind is going so fast about work and a possible new love that sleep is just not going to come. Pepper has been chatting with her X wife a bit and I guess I am nervous our relationship will not ever have a chance. That makes me sad. I am really into Pepper, more so then I ever figured on. Sorry to dump this all on you guys, I guess I just figure you will understand. SOme of you came through with some really good advice about my 7-11 girly, do any of you have any advice as what I should do about Pepper? If so, please feel free to email me at pinkkittynautica@aol.com.

Pepper eating my pussy
Posted February 16, 2006

I just added the video clip where Pepper, my office manager at Pink Kitty Video, eats my pussy. This girl is skilled in the art of licking and sucking a girl into orgasm after orgasm. She even finger fucks me and sucks her fingers clean, many times over.

I have started initial casting for my follow up movie to "Secret Desires". It is really fun looking through all the photos of the girls I can choose to fuck. It is so hard to choose, They are all sooo fuckable. I will keep you updated as to who I choose and for what scene.


Another great movie release from Pink Kitty Video
Posted February 16, 2006

I am really enjoying being the contract girl for Pink Kitty Video. The movies they put out are just the type of stuff I want to be associated with. They have radically changed the company image and centered the movie production around me. That make me really happy. I like to be the center of attention, can you tell?<br><br>I had dinner with Michelle tonight. It sort of seems we are headed towards dating. It is a bit early to tell but I sure feel comfortable with her. Michelle was married to another adult star named "BisexualBritni" for almost 7 years. I wonder if she has reservations about being involved with another adult actress. I do not know what it is about Michelle but I feel VERY warm and happy when I am with her. I miss her already and we have only been apart for 30 minutes.<br><br>Nautica

Happy Valentine's Day
Posted February 14, 2006

I just wanted to take a brief moment to wish all of you, my loyal fans, a very happy Valentine's Day. I appreciate each and every one of you for your support. Without fans, I am just another girl and I know that. You make me who I am. I love you all.

Interesting happenings in my life. I will write it about it tomorrow so make sure to check back.


Something off happened today
Posted February 11, 2006

I told you already I was going to let Pepper eat my pussy for a video update. Well, today we were shooting it and all ws going well. She was eating my pussy and I was cumming over and over again. As it turns out, Pepper can eat a pussy and I mean, well. She finger fucked me, tounge fucked me and sucked my clit for like 30 minutes. Something happened though. Something I did not expect. Something I did not tell her. I was really enjoying it. Not just the sex but rather just being with her. The kisses went from porno kissing to real kissing. I have no idea what happened or how I feel but I am really a bit confused. I felt completely at ease and comfortable in her arms. Do I like my office manager romantically? What is going on here? I think I am going to have to sleep on this one.


Running a web site is a great deal of fun and a lot of work
Posted February 10, 2006

I have been learning to edit my own video as of late. I am trying to make this site as personalized as possible and that means doing the work myself. To include the behind the scenes stuff such as editing and some minor maintenace. It is a lot to learn but you, my fans, make it worth it.

I will be shooting some new stuff tomorrow to add to this site. I believe Pepper is still going to eat my pussy and make out with me. I am looking forward to it.

I have been invited to some swingers type parties. I have been debating going. I will let you know what I decide and how it turns out.


This is my "manager" Should I fuck her?
Posted February 08, 2006

This is the office manager that I work under. Her name is Pepper. Should I let her fuck me? She keeps asking about it. She says she can make cum several times just eating my pussy and fingering it. Should I give her a shot? Email me at pinkkittynautica@aol.com and let me know what you think. Let the slut have my pussy or play keep away with the pussy? Remember, she is not a porno girl. Just a girl who loves eating pussy.


Monday, Monday, Monday
Posted February 06, 2006

As I sit here, I realize this past weekend is a haze of parties and sex. I attended two industry parties,one of Friday and one on Saturday. The lesbian 12 girl daisy chain was a lot of fun. The entire room smelled like pussy when we were done.

Right now, I am debating a MFF threeway with Donny Long and a girl yet to be named. It sounds like a fun shoot and the director is even letting me pick the 2nd girl for the scene. I have not decided who she will be as of yet but I know I want her to be hot and she must have a shaved pussy. I prefer pussy shaved myself, you?

I got an email from 7-11 girl. She said she wanted to talk. Oh oh, I wonder if I am going to get the ole "Its not you, its me" speech. I will keep you updated.


OK here I am working on MY BLOG
Posted February 05, 2006

OK im busted, computer geek here..LOL. I was working on my blog and chatting with some of my members when this pic was taken.

"Nautica's First Gang Bang"
Posted February 03, 2006

I just got my first glimpse of the box cover for my next movie release. Is it awesome or what? Have you ever just been in the right place at the right time and everything just started falling into place. First, Pink Kitty Video and myself come to really great terms on a contract. Then Pink Kitty inks a deal with the best distributer in the world, Exquisite/Juicy. The stars are lining up and I am really excited.

I have to get some sleep tonight as I have a great scene to shoot with "Sergio" tomorrow. This is a really hard pounding guy with a really nice cock. I am looking forward to feeling him in my pussy. I think it is going to be a cream pie but I am not sure.

No word from Ms. 7-11. That bites.


A new month and some updates
Posted February 01, 2006

My 7-11 girl seems distant and I am at a loss as to why. I wonder if the affair is over. Time will tell I guess. I know I want it to continue but it just may be a bit much for her.<br><br>The preliminary plans and the script writing is already under-way for my next feature movie, Vampiress. I am debating finding a way that I can get a few lucky members of this site on the set for a few hours. I donot know if they will allow that but I am sure going to push for it. I will keep you posted on that.<br><br>I think the office manager at Pink Kitty, Pepper is her name, has a crush on me. She keeps offering to be the next girl that eats my pussy for an update for this site. It make me feel good.<br><br>I am off to get something to eat. Iwill check back later.<br><br>Nautica

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