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Had dinner with Bianca
Posted March 17, 2006

Well to make this short and sweet , we went out to dinner. She sorta wanted to get into some sort of relationship with me but shes not exactly what Im looking for. Im having fun with Pepper but Im still on the prowl for my number one girl.

Bianca from East Coast
Posted March 13, 2006

Heres a pic of Bianca. She arrived last night and we shot today. She let me do her with a strap on, which all my members could see. We are going out to dinner together because she wants to talk to me about something that Im not sure what its about.
She didnt do too bad for her 1st porn scene ever. She said she was a little nervous and intimidated about working with me. I said not to be worried. She actually did pretty good. Needed some help on her posing. Maybe thats what she wants to talk about at dinner.

New girl emailed me, wants to shoot a scene with me..
Posted March 12, 2006

OK , so check this out. A girl named Bianca, 19 years old from the East coast sent me a mail saying she is flying in to LA today and wants to meet me and get in the buisness. She says she been a fan for a long time and would love to do her 1st scene with me. So she is coming over tommorrow and Im gonna do something special with her. She says shes very cute and would also like to buy me dinner. So this is sort of a blind date.
I will post a pic of her tommorrow and whatever I shoot will be in the members area this week. This is exciting.

Shooting with Tera Patrick
Posted March 11, 2006

I have an upcoming scene with Tera on March 15 and 16.She has such great tits. Its like you can get lost in there. I did a shoot in one of her movies a ways back. It was a long day but real good, I will definitely be posting pics in the members area when we are done.

Took a little vacation.
Posted March 10, 2006

I feel so refreshed. I needed a little time away from it all so I decided to go back to Hawaii and get some vaction time with the family. Was good to have some home cooked meals that I didnt have to cook myself.
Now that Im back, refreshed.. Ill be once again looking to get into some trouble of course. Maybe a 2nd girlfriend.Hmmm , I will keep you informed.
BTW, letting all know in advance I will have a booth at LA Erotica show at the LA Convention Center June 23 - 25. Ill be there promoting my new movies at Pink Kitty Video and my website.

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